67# Absolute Strength with Pama Gann Grid (AS Scalping Method)

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Time Frame 15 min

Currency Pairs: GBP/USD, EUR/USD, AUD/USD


Forex Indicators:

Absolute Strength (default)

Pama Gann Grid (default)

MACD (5, 15, 1)

Setting GBP/USD 15min

Draw a horizontal line at value of 0.00030 on Absolute Strength. The area 0-0.0003 is flat zone.

Long Entry:

When The light blu line >Horizontal line,level    > ma (color aqua),the Pama Gann Grid is direction up (green) and MACD>0. (do not go enter  after 3 bars that appeared the arrow Pama Gann Grid)


Short Entry:

When tomato line >Horizontal line, level > ma (orange), the Pama Gann Grid is direction down (red) and MACD<0. (do not go after 3 bars that appeared the red arrow Pama Gann)


Exit Position:

When Pama Gann Grind changes position.

Target Profit 14 Pips  GBP/USD, 12 pips EUR/USD, 10 pips AUD/USD.


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