73# Price Action Channel, “The Gold line” Trading System

Submit by Joy22


Time Frame 15min

Currency Pair: Majors.


Forex Indicators:

5EMA High;

5EMA Low;

4EMA Median Price ;

Custom CCI (14) Candles;

Chandelier stops (15, 14, 4);

Chandelier Stops (8 , 6,2);


All Pivots V.2.


Long Entry:

Setup Entry buy: Green Arrow, confirmed by Chandelier stops blu (15,14,4-8,6,2) and CustomCCI Candles green.

For Entry long wait that the price retrace on the gold line. (place an buy stop order on the gold line).


Short Entry:

Setup Entry sell: Red Arrow, confirmed by Chandelier stops red (15,14,4-8,6,2) and Custom CCI Candles red.

For Entry sell wait that the price retrace on the gold line. (place an sell stop order on the gold line).




Exit Position

Place Stop Loss 4 pips below or above the Chandelier stops (8, 6, 2).

Profit Target: on the level pivot or PT predetermined 14 pips EUR/USD, 11 pips AUD/USD, 16 pips GBP/USD.


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    yogi (Thursday, 04 June 2020 20:43)

    hi there, can you please suggests how to set the provided files. I am new to this and your advice is much appreciated

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