80# Schaff Scalping Trading System

Submit by Joy 22


Timeframe: 5,15 Min

Currency Pairs: Majors


Schaff Trend,

Schaff MACD,

HMA rnp.

Entry Long:

1.Schaff Trend Cycle has been rising;

2. Schaff Trend >= 10;

3. MACD >0;

4.HMA Green.


Short Entry:

1. Schaff Trend Cycle has been declining;

2. Schaff Trend <= 90;

3. Shaff MACD <0;

4.HMA rnp red.


Exit Position:

Exit when the MACD line separates itself from the Histogram while sometimes you need to Exit when the Schaff has reached to 75 level (if you’re on Long Trade).

Exit also with predetermined Profit Targetfor 5 min and 15 min Time Frame (EUR_USD 8-14 pips, AUD/USD 6-12 pips, GBP/USD 10-15 pis).

Exit also on the pivots levels.

Place Stop Loss on the previous swing

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Scaff Scalping Templete
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All Pivots
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Schaff Trend
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