118# Trend Hunter Scalping

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Time Frame 15min.

Currency Pairs: all


Forex Indicators:


Arrows indicator

Trend Hunter (ADX1=10, ADX2=12, ADX3=14), indicator,

VQLPro indicator


Long Entry:

aqua buy arrow and wait that appears Trend Hunter Arrow up.


Short Entry:

Red Arrow and wait that appears Trend Hunter Arrow down.


Condition for buy and sell :VQLPRO >EMA



 Do not enter a position based on the current bar to avoid the possibility of redrawing/repainting.


 Previous bars are not repainted and hence can be used as safe entry signals.


 To avoid false signals make sure you use a tight and constant stop losses to identify any false signals. 



In the picture Tren Hunter Scalping in action.

Trend Hunter Scalping Trading system
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