122# Superscalper Trading System

Superscalper forex system

Submit by Janus Trader (Written by The Grump)


Wait for alert on 5mchart

make sure you have a cross with 2 ema's red/blue,lime green

check waddah and super trend for alignment

check DD Bressert for short needs to come down from top 80 and red

for long needs to come up from bottom 20 blue.


Now go to the 1 m chart only the supertrend find the bar that alert on 5m chart on the 1 m chart then wait for a pullback(color change) and enter on the next bar.


Exit rules

There are 2 ways to exit:

1)one is when your bar changes on super trend 1 m chart;

2)the other way but more risky is to wait until the next alert.

Stop Loss

10-15 pips

Profit Target

5-12 pips

I normally just wait until I see the color change on thesupertrend



In the pictures Superscalper forex system in action.


Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy.

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Superscalper Trading System
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