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Submit by Robert 16/06/2015

During the study of systems of trade in the currency market, I came across the story of a trader Bill Williams and his brainchild indicator Fractals, who formed the basis of the submitted binary options trading strategy "Fractals Lazy».

Fractals, in essence, are nothing but extremes (ie price points "highs" and "lows" for a certain period), which will help us to enter the local price "peak" or "pits". Therefore, this indicator and formed the basis of the strategy. Well established itself as on the real trades, and the testing of the story.

The structure of binary options trading strategies "Fractals Lazy» includes the following indicators:


FineFractal - an additional indicator that defines the entry point, as well as an audible signal (Alert) to enter, allowing the trader to lazy lie down on the couch;

BullsBears - an indicator that shows the prevalence of bull or bear market. Was added to a trader using this strategy can keep the trend.

And so, the recommended time frame for this strategy is at least 30 minutes, but the result was good and 15 minutes, so decide for themselves.

Now for the rules of entry, yet only the general:

The specifics of this indicator is that the graphic signal is sent before the last close of the candle, that is when the candle closes, an alarm, and it appears over a candle, which is the penultimate closed.

 Lazy Fractals Binary System
Lazy Fractals Binary System

Thus, we provide input on the opening of the second candle after the signal, the select expiration time from 1 to 2 candles (based on the current candles on which we were part of the deal !!!)

If the indicator has arisen over the candle, it is a signal to lower the price if a candle, by its increase.

Now more about the transactions in the option CALL:

And we start with a graphical example of the entrance to the deal presented below

In this example is the EUR / USD 15 minute timeframe. To buy the option CALL, it is desirable that the market was dominated by the bulls that we show great indicator BullsBears (the screenshot you can see that the histogram is in the upper range, there is a market dominated by the bulls).

However, the key signal to the entrance of the deal is a graphic and sound an alert indicator Fractals and FineFractal. So, we get a signal when the second candle after the signal has already been opened. Now we need to verify the performance indicators and log in bargaining with ekpiratsiey at the end of the current candle or next (depending on the chosen currency pair and the volatility of the market: if the market is volatile, the expiration at the end of the current candle, if the market is weak at the end of the next).

In the screenshot, we see that these recommendations are consistent with the market and we enter into bargaining.

In fact, frakataly for as well in the trade, that a comparison of the fractal signal indicator Bulls Bears optional. But supporters VERY safe trading is right for this type of trade.

Now more about the transactions in the option PUT:

To purchase option PUT, we must wait for the signal fractal candle and match performance indicator Bulls Bears, which should show the power of bears in the market.

In the provided example it shows that reduced activity of the bulls, which may indicate activation of the bulls, so in the example provided is appropriate was the entrance of the option PUT.

As I mentioned in the explanation of the entrance to the CALL options, a combination of indicators fractals with Bulls Bears do not necessarily :)

Download Strategy indicators and template for Metatrader 4 terminal at this link I sincerely wish you all good luck and cool mind!

This text was translated from Russian by Google translate.

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    ade (Friday, 20 November 2015 15:14)

    a nice combination of indicators

Lazy Fractals Binary System
Lazy Fractals Binary system is a strategy price action based on fractals indicators.
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