40# Binary Options Extreme

Binary Options Extreme Trading System High/Low


Submit by MJ 15/01/2014


Binary Options Extreme Trading System is a version modified of the original (B.E.R.O.).

Time Frame 5 min.

Expires time 5 min.

Markets: Forex, Indicies, Gold, Silver.


Metatrader Indicators:

Xtreme Binary Bot;

Xtreme binary robot channel

EMA cross SES Bdv.8 (1,3 periods);



Rules for Binary Options Extreme Trading System High/Low

Trade only in Safe Zone

Buy Call

Safe Zone,

buy arrow of EMA cross SES Bdv.8

WAExplosion green.


Buy Put

Safe Zone,

Sell arrow of EMA cross SES Bdv.8

WAExplosion red.


See example in the picture: Binary Options Extreme in action.

Binary Options Extreme
Binary Options Extreme

Binary Options Extreme

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Comments: 24
  • #1

    Stefaan Brisaert (Saturday, 18 January 2014 22:33)

    I'm having a look into this strategy. Can you provide a detailed manual because I have been studying the picture of the example you're providing, and frankly, I can't figure out how to determine what guidelines you use to indicate certain zone as safe and others as unsafe. Some more detailed explanations are required before I'm putting this strategy to a test.
    I look forward to hearing more from you.

  • #2

    Michel Jansen (Thursday, 27 March 2014 16:27)

    Paints arrow after candle close, so as there is next to no guidelines on this, it's pretty much useless unless the writer is bothered to clarify

  • #3

    Ian T (Friday, 16 May 2014 21:54)

    I'm also trying to figure out what the "Safe Zones" are??

  • #4

    Naphtali Samuel (Thursday, 23 October 2014 17:35)

    I just downloaded the strategy. I will put it to test soon.

    To clarify, the strategy is based on the xtreme binary robot strategy. the way you spot the safe zones is by looking at the strip that is divided into two - one ash and one red. Look for "market conditions" under 'Xtreme Binary Bot" if it says Safe then the market is safe. I think that's what he meant by "safe zones". At the time where he took the screen shot, the market was labelled "High Risk". thanks

  • #5

    M (Sunday, 07 December 2014 09:25)

    Has anyone tried this yet? How is the performance?

  • #6

    Lex (Wednesday, 28 January 2015 18:54)

    Safe Zones are the red zones of the channel, you enter the trade if it is a call, when arrow appears at the bottom and the xtreme explosion W.A is in Green, and for a put when arrow appeas at the top (red) , WA should be in red. This is strategy is to trade with the trend , so you won't have many opportunities. The body of the candle should touch the red zone, if it is only the wick do not trade. There isn't a good example on that picture, maybe the first blue arrow from left to right on the picture, but we can not see if the previous candle touched the red zone, but the WA is in Green, so it is a good trade, the only left to see its if the previous candle touch the red zone or not, but it is not shown on the picture, hope you find this information useful

  • #7

    julio (Saturday, 07 February 2015 14:56)

    This strategy has a 80 percent accuracy, and sometimes with a 90 percent accuracy according to this market is very profitable tried it is real gains from this strategy.

  • #8

    Stefaan Brisaert (Sunday, 22 February 2015 11:13)

    What rules are you using to decide whether or not to make a trade ? Please explain. Do you use 5 min expiries ?....

  • #9

    Sandile (Friday, 13 March 2015 05:04)

    It seems like a very good strategy. But how do I download it and set it up

  • #10

    ysyyclnh (Thursday, 16 April 2015 08:00)

    Hi MJ: Can you tell us what's the exit rules or method? thanks!

  • #11

    JustUncleL (Thursday, 04 February 2016 23:22)

    I have been trying this strategy out over the last few days and seems to work pretty well with about 80% success rate. There are no exit rules you just trade the next 5min candle. The "Market Condition" appears to be ignored in this strategy, just trade the arrow when candle is in safe zone. The safe zone is the red band only.
    I believe the original source strategy specified that you trade when "Market Condition" is "SAFE TRADE" with the same rules, except it did not use the "safe zone" rule.

  • #12

    Adam Kelemen (Friday, 15 April 2016 22:25)

    Is this template designed for MT 4. Cause it is not working. Could somebody help me.
    I unpacked the rar, afterwards I selected it in MT 4, but everything I didnt get the Template in.
    Help me please (;

  • #13

    \BDUL_BABA (Friday, 03 March 2017 12:46)


  • #14

    Qiu (Sunday, 05 March 2017 07:39)

    May I know what are the roles of the dots?

  • #15

    Benjamin (Wednesday, 19 July 2017 17:28)

    Where can I get the Extreme Binary Options Trading Strategy.zip

  • #16

    arshad mahmood (Friday, 21 July 2017 19:34)

    what rules are using? because its not a NRP indicator.

  • #17

    Rafi Uzzal (Wednesday, 01 April 2020 16:27)

    I make some changes of this strategy and make great success today(01.04.2020), made ITM 9 out of 10, If any one interested I describe this strategy rules that I make changes

  • #18

    Ace (Tuesday, 14 April 2020 03:55)

    Hi Rafi, could you please explain your strategy?

  • #19

    Mauro (Wednesday, 22 April 2020 01:03)

    Rafi, can I have inf. about what you make changes for become this good strategy. thanks

  • #20

    Charles Denny (Friday, 22 May 2020 05:32)

    Hi Rafi,
    Could you please let us know what changes you made to this indicator? Kind regards and thank you,


  • #21

    Felix (Monday, 25 May 2020 16:31)

    Hi Rafi,

    Can i have information about what you make changes to become this good strategy? Thanks

  • #22

    Mina Izaac (Tuesday, 23 June 2020 04:19)

    Hi Rafi,

    Please post your changes or send me them on mina.isac46@gmail.com

    Thank you in advance!

  • #23

    Ian Cameron (Thursday, 19 November 2020 02:43)

    Hi, I'd like a link to this strategy please. Thanks, Ian iancameron333@gmail.com

  • #24

    John Bello (Thursday, 03 February 2022 19:42)

    muchas gracias ,bendiciones

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