84# Winner Binary System

T3 Ribbon with MACD

Submit by Joker 12/10/2014

Winner bynary system is a strategy trend following high/low, but is good also for intraday trading and scalping. This trading system is very simple.

Time frame 5 min, 15 min, 30 min.

Expires time 3-4 camdles.

Trading Time: London and New York sessions.

Metatrader Indicators:

T3 Ma Ribbon;

Fib level;

Winner Binary;

OMACD (12,26, 9)

Rules fo WinnerBinary System

Buy Call

Winner Binary buy arrow confirmed by:

T3 Ma ribbon red line > green line;

CMACD crosses upward.

Buy Put

Winner Binary sell arrow confirmed by:

T3 Ma ribbon red line < green line;

CMACD crosses downward.

For Intraday and Scalping trading there are the same rules for entry position.

Exit position at the oppsite arrow or on the fib levels.

Initial stop loss on the previous swing.

Currency pairs: majors. Index: S$P 500, Dow, DAX and FTSE.

The advantage of this strategy is that always find the trend.

In the pictures Winner Binary system in action.

 Winners Binary
Winners Binary
Winner Binary System ( EUR/USD 5 min time Frame)
Winner Binary System ( EUR/USD 5 min time Frame)


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    PasserBy (Monday, 07 January 2019 04:17)

    Guys, use Mladen's ribbon instead - https://forex-station.com/viewtopic.php?p=1295352538&sid=5309e46d6d18b8e6f29bf26946dc40cc#p1295352538
    it works OK.

  • #10

    ken77 (Tuesday, 31 July 2018 04:06)

    the T3 MA file not working, it's saved in MQL4 but is can not convert to EX4 file, the scritp is error some where, any body can help and save to EX4 file. appreciate your help. Thanks you.

  • #9

    hussien (Tuesday, 31 March 2015 05:26)

    the t3a ma ribbon not work
    the winner binary need allert

  • #8

    Greg (Friday, 21 November 2014 10:25)

    T3 is riddled with errors, does not work in latest MT4 Build. Is this fixable at all?

  • #7

    Libor (Friday, 24 October 2014 22:19)

    Prosím pořád nejde to T3 vložil jsem ji do MT4 ale porad nejde...........

  • #6

    Paul (Wednesday, 15 October 2014 18:52)

    What are the settings for the T3 Ma Ribbon?

  • #5

    Louisetano (Friday, 10 October 2014 14:40)

    Is it possible to include the T3 Ma ribbon in the download file? And also which settings for the T3 ribbon?

  • #4

    Robert (Thursday, 09 October 2014 23:30)

    Hi, I would like to try this, but the file is missing the T3 ma ribbon indicator. Please include that as I would really like to try this one. Thanks:)

  • #3

    Mark (Wednesday, 08 October 2014 08:14)

    Where is T3 Ma Ribbon ? There isn't in the fold.

  • #2

    Rick (Tuesday, 07 October 2014 22:07)

    T3 ma ribbon missing. Please upload. Thanks. Rick.

  • #1

    Hodge (Tuesday, 07 October 2014 15:02)

    T3 MA Ribbon indicator isn't in the download.

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