2# The Clubinarias Indicator

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The Clubinarias Indicator 5.0 is a technical indicator designed for operation in the binary options market, boasting a success rate of 80 to 95% within the first 3 candles following the alarm signal.

Indicator Characteristics


Timeframe: It can be utilized across timeframes of 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 1 hour, or longer expirations with consistent results across all maturities.


The Clubinarias Indicator 5.0
The Clubinarias Indicator 5.0

Non-repainting: Unlike 90% of existing indicators for binary options, it does not repaint.

Previous Alarm: It alerts users when there is a potential for a new entry.

No Adjustments Needed: The indicator doesn't require additional adjustments as it is already optimized to identify entries with the highest likelihood of success.

Strategy: Accompanied by a usage strategy allowing for daily and consistent gains in the binary options market.

Statistical Panel: It includes a comprehensive statistical panel displaying results of signals provided, allowing for analysis and statistical calculations to identify optimal times for operations.

How Does the Indicator Work?

The Clubinary Indicator 5.0 is optimized for the binary options market. Its algorithms measure market strength to identify depletion of impulses or waves within main trends or micro-trends.

Temple indicators
SR Indicator.
Filters The system contains three filters.
Signs to consider.
Buy arrow above the support.
Sell arrow below the resistance.
The Template can also be used for forex trading.

Either you use the system filters or the template's SR.
MM recommended for Binary Options, not the Martingale as proposed by the author but the Dutch or Alembert progression, 


The Clubinarias Indicator
The Clubinarias Indicator
The Clubinarias Indicator
The Clubinarias Indicator
The Clubinarias Indicator
The Clubinarias Indicator
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