106# Forex Perfect Trading System

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Time Frame: 30min, H1.



Long Entry:
1. Forex Perfect Indicator : BUY (STRONG)
2. White Candlestick ABOVE 2 Ema's (Yellow & Gold) Line
3. Momentum line ABOVE 100 & moving up/positively
4. Stoch Blue line ABOVE Red line & ABOVE 40 index

Short Entry:
1. Forex Perfect Indicator : SELL (STRONG)
2. Red Candlestick BELOW Ema 21 (Gold) Line
3. Momentum line BELOW 100 & moving down / negatively
4. Stoch Blue line BELOW Red line & BELOW 40 index 


Profit targets: you can place them on the next support/level or the next major psychological level (levels with two zeros like 1.4000, 1.4100, 1.4200, etc.).

Stop loss: you can set them beyond the nearest intraday levels: above resistance if you’re short and below support if you’re long.

In the pictures Forex Perfect forex system in action.

Forex Perfect Forex Trading system

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Forex perfect Trading system
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