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(written by lucas)

and the main rule is very simple: NEVER TRADE AGAINST “RaitisPriceChannel” indicator. On 15 minute chart RaitisPriceChannel is set to 60 minutes, so, NEVER trade against higher timeframe trend.

So, entry rule for uptrend: RaitisPriceChannel = uptrend, RaitisStoch = green dot, RaitisJMARibbon = crossover (green inside), RaitisHeikenAshi = green candle, RaitisCyFilter = green stripe

And, if You are Human, You must understand how trade short trades!

Use “stop loss” and “take profit” (there are no rules) each trader use different techniques (free stop loss-take profit move by mouse expert (trade manager) included) very useful tool!

I also include free indicator by Xard777 “FOREX POWER” great currency strength meter!

If someday I decide update something in this system, You will receive all updates for Free!

Answering a favorite question: “how many I earn trading Forex?” actually I don’t like this question, but… more than 200K on each account, and I have 2 accounts - (TadawulFX andFXPRIMUS).

P.S. Another Gold Rule for all traders “THERE WILL ALWAYS BE LOSING TRADES ” and this is reality in this business! The target is “maximize profits and minimize losses” That’s it!

Good Luck and Big Profits

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Forex Trading System
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Ratis Modified

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Open BUY position when:


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1. Heiken Ashi turns GREEN

2. RaitisCyFilter turns GREEN

3. Indicator02 points SIGNALS BUY

EXIT BUY when:

HeikenAshi turns ORANGE.

ENTER SELL positions when:




1. HeikenAshi turns ORANGE

2. RaitisCyFilter turns ORANGE

3. Indicator02 points SIGNALS SELL

EXIT SELL positions when:

HeikenAshi turns GREEN


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