51#Forex Mutant Advanced Trading System

Forex Mutant is based on 6 powerful Metatrader indicators:

1 – Trend Bars;

2 – Trend Line;

3 – Signals;

4 – Market Hours;

5 – Targets;

6 – Market Info.

Forex Mutant System is best to be used on 1 hour chart, any currency pair.

Here is how it works ..

First of all, we take a look at the current trend of the market. This information we are going to know from the Trend line indicator and the trend bars indicators.

When to enter and Exit ? that’s what the Signals indicator would tell us.

The signals indicator also tell us our stop loss points. For example, if we are going to sell .. move your mouse to the last DOT on the screen and it will show a value. This

value is your stop loss.

If you can’t see that, then simply draw a horizontal line over the DOT and you will get the exact stop loss level for the trade.

As you will notice, the stop loss is very small and that makes this system very safe to trade.

What if you are experienced trader and want to trade support/resistance levels?


With Forex Mutant System you will find the major support and resistance levels ready to be used and calculated based on pivot points and camarilla.


Forex Mutant Advanced V.2

Update by Joy22

Forex Mutant always seemed like a good system but it had two defects the filter was a bit too slow and the entry timing was adequate.

What have I changed in this version?

I speeded up the filter with a faster setting.

I have entered as input timing a Max signal indicator that generates good trend entries.

Time Frame 30 min or 60 min

Trading rules Forex Mutant

Trades only in the direction of the trend


First entry

Main indicator trend bars up arrow (below main chart), blue bar

second entrance

Green dot on main chart and blue bar (below main chart)


First entry

Main indicator trend bars down arrow (below main chart), green bar

second entrance

Green dot on main chart and blue bar (below main chart)

Exit position

initial stop loss at the previous high / low

profit target at the levels of pivot point or close position at opposite signal.


In the pictures below examples.

Forex Mutant Advanced V.2
Forex Mutant Advanced V.2
Forex Mutant Advanced V.2
Forex Mutant Advanced V.2
Forex Mutant Advanced V.2
Forex Mutant Advanced V.2
Forex Mutant Advanced V.2
Forex Mutant Advanced V.2

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