74#Money Trading

K3M-K Forex Trading System

Money Trading: Entry Rules.


Money Trading Chart : 1H TF
Pairs: GBP, EUR, CHF, YEN, AUD and CAD
No Trading 1 hour before Reports / News.
Do not trade with money trading during holiday period, check out the date yourself


Continual Up Trend Market:
K3M_K: Lime (longer bar);
K3M_M1: Green;
K3M_M2: Green;
K3M_M3: Green.

Money trading, Continual Down Trend Market:
K3M_K: Red (longer bar);
K3M_M1: Red;
K3M_M2: Red;
K3M_M3: Red.


Money trading, Trend Changing Market: Uptrend
Direction: Green and UP Arrow confirmed by:
K3M_K: LimeGreen(shorter bar)


K3M_M1: Green;
K3M_M2: Green;
K3M_M3: Green.

Money Trading,Trend Changing Market: Downtrend
Direction: Red and Down Arrow confirmed by:
K3M_K: Brown(shorter bar)
K3M_M1: Red;
K3M_M2: Red;
K3M_M3: Red.

Stop loss setting (suggestion only):
1)Set to the bar size of the previous bar;
2) Minimum SL is 20.


Escape if market is against you:
1) If the market did not stop out your SL wait for the second bar (bar after entry) and try to SL at break even. If not, you should stop loss before the end of second bar close. Don't have to wait for the market to stop you out.

TP (Suggestion only):
1) 2 mini lots;
2) TP 1 mini lot after 10 pips profit;
3) TP 2nd mini lot after20 pips profit.


Money Trading
Trading System:Money Trading forex systm based on the K3M indicator
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