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Dynamic is not only new but it introduces a new paradigm to the energy point levels based on the

traditional usage of the Pivot Point and Support & Resistance levels. I can talk about this till breakfast, but only your own eyes an see its usefulness. Once you carefully observe the Dynamic Pivot (DP) and the other Dynamic lines in real time will you realize the power of this technique.


That is why I intend to followup on the application of the Dynamic Range.The Dynamic Lines show you where they are up to the moment. It is the difference between the Fixed and the Dynamiclines that supply us with useful information. The Dynamic Range lines do not alwaysall face the same way. Look at day B. LinesDR2 and DR1 angle downwards while lines DS2 andDS1 slope upwards. The Dynamic Pivot is just above the Fixed Point.(to see pdf)

Differences Dinamic Range/fixed pivot

Also the angular distance between the Fixed and the Dynamic

lines acts as a beam for price direction. See how on chart 7, Day E (4/

16) DS2 is already well above the fixed S2 and pointing upwards. DS1 is almost level and the other three are all down.

Nevertheless, please note when a DS2 rises in this manner, it is often enough tostop the downside trend in its tracks, as it did this Friday. Does this mean a reversal is guaranteed?

No, but if you were short from Day B some profit taking is advisable.

The Dynamic Range
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    ALBY (Thursday, 19 February 2015 12:51)

    this is Alby

    i would like to have more information about Fibo dynamic indicators .

    what are respectevly the white, orange and read lines ?