148# Fx Sniper's Ergodic CCI System

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Time Frame 4H

Currency Pair: all.




● Filter=20

● Color=1

● ColorBarBack=0


● Allbars=0

● Otstup=30

● Per=9.0

● Don't forget to change the colors also (0=blue-1=red)

FX Sniper's Ergodic_CCI_Trigger

● pq=4

● pr=8

● ps=5

● trigger=4


Enter long when :

1 – a red dot appears

2 – the ergodic CCI crosses up the trigger line ( blue line crosses up the red one )

3 – NonLagMa color changes to yellow


Enter short when :

1 – a blue dot appears

2 – the ergodic CCI crosses down the trigger line ( red line crosses down the blue one )

3 – NonLagMa color changes to yellow



Exit when a new dot appears (red if you are long and blue if you are short). This method gives you mecanicals trades. Don't hesitate to transform them into a discretionnay trade after because you can see things that the system can't. Sometimes, it will be the difference between a 30 pips trade and a 300 pips

trade. Once you move your stop to breakeven and add a trailing stop – you can't wait alittle more time to see what the market wants to give you.



In general, I look for previous daily Resistance-Support but I don't have only one method for my stops. You can also looks for the high or low of the previous bar.


Price enter :

The price enter is the open price of the candle or bars where the NonLagMa is yellow.

Ergodic_CCI :

The signal is stronger when the FX Sniper's Ergodic_CCI_Trigge is above 300 or under -300.

NonLagMa :

''The non-lag MA does turn yellow/non yellow while the current candle/bar is still
forming ... so i wouldn't enter a trade until the end of the current candle confirms that the yellow section doesn't switch back to a non signal. So remember wait till the candle is fully formed until entering a potential trade!!!!'' Matrung (FF member).

What's matrung says is right but it's depend if you are agressive or conservative ! If you are agressive, you can go when the non lag show for the first time a yellow line but if you are more conservative, like matrung said, wait for the candle to be fully formed. To be more conservative means less profit but also more safety.

The order :

I don't take a trade when the cross happens before the dot or when the cross happens after the nonlag.

So, i wait for a dot then for the cross and then for the nonlag.

It doesn't matter if the cross and the nonlag happen at the same time but like i said earlier, the cross should never happen after the nonlag.


In the picture Fx Sniper's Ergodic CCI System in action.

FX Sniperìs Ergodic CCI Trigger
Metatrader indicator
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Forex signal Nonlag MA
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    Claudia (Thursday, 17 May 2018 12:36)

    Hello Joy, I’m testimonium Your strateeg at the moment and I have a few questions, I hope you can answer then for me:
    Does this shi sig repaint?
    Do you still use This system and how succesfull is/has it been for you?
    Can you help me with indicators setting for trading H1? Many thanks!

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    Max (Monday, 19 August 2019 07:22)

    This is by far the most effective and well combined forex trading strategy i have seen. It works fine and very very useful for scalping. Just keep strict stop losses and you will definitely earn. No greed trading and stop loss protection and get ready to start earning with this one.

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