142 # Buy- Sell alert trend with 3 bar pullback Trading System

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Time Frame 15 min or higher.

We trade pairs with high volatility though the system works with every pair

Currency Pair:









Zig Zag Pointer

Buy-Sell Alert (5)

Daiy Average Range


3 bar pullback


Set Buy-Sell Alert:

Chart TF 15 B-S (60 TF);

Chart TF 30 B-S (240 TF);

Chart TF 60 B-S (1440TF);

Chart TF 240 B-S (10080 TF).


Long Entry:

We wait until our zigzag pointer and dot blue Buy-Sell (TF60) appears in the 15M TF, we entrer long when appears long entry green arrow signal 3 barpullback.


Short Entry:

We wait until our zigzag pointer and dot red Buy-Sell (TF60) appears in the 15M TF, we entrer sell when appears short entry red arrow signal 3 barpullback.


Exit Position:

Place Stop Lossat low the range 3 barpullback.

Profit Target or fibo level or ratio 1/1.5. Example if stop is 30 pips Profit target is 45 pips.

4H TF is recommended 50 pips EUR/USD, 45 pips USD/JPY, 70pips GBP/USD, EUR/JPY, 80pips GBP/JPY


In the pictures Buy-Sell alert trend with bar pullback forex system in action.

3 bar pullback
Forex Trading System
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Buy-Sell Alerts
Trading System
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AK Zig Zag Pointer
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Fib Pivot 2
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Templete buy- sell alert trend with 3 ba
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    Yvette (Monday, 26 April 2021 04:10)

    HI Does the " Ex & - Check Marks W/ the Green thumbs Up & - the red thumbs Down " Comes W/ the template " Buy/Sell Alert trend W/ 3 Bar Pull-Back " System?