107# Novus Orsa Trading System

Forex System Polynomial Regression System

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Time Frame H1

Currency Pairs:Any


I-Regression (With 5 days of cycle indicator is more stable ).

CCI 11 (with Oversold and Overbougth area at +200 and -200).


This configuration is an revelead secret because it partially solves the problem repaint of the polynomial regression. Two point importat (the price reaches the low or high band orange and the CCI is in Oversold or Overbought Zone).

Long Entry

wait the price reaches the low band orange and at the same time, the CCI is oversold zone after buy When the CCI cross line zero.


Short Entry

wait the price reaches the high band orange and at the same time, the CCI is overbought zone after sell when the CCI cross line zero.


Stop Loss 5 pips below or above red band.


Profit Target at the green band or at firs gold band.

In the pictures Novus Orsa forex system in action.

i-regr system Templete
Forex Trading System
i-regr system.rar
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i-Regr_modified 1.3.1
Trading System
i-Regr_modified 1.3.1.rar
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Cronex T RSI BB
Cronex T RSI BB.rar
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    Jay (Thursday, 07 August 2014 06:10)

    I do something similar. The alert I wrote has an Up-or-Down Triangle when the 11-CCI rises above -100 or drops below 100 and price rises above the line inside the outer rim. I use Number 4 instead of 3. I use 3-charts. The next one is 3x the time of the lowest and the the third is 3x the second chart. Each chart has a Polynomial Regression Channel and a 50-CCI. If the 50-CCI on all 3-charts (and the 11-CCI) and all the PRCs go in the same direction, I get an alert. How could I send an image? I use Sierra Chart.