23# Breakout Trading system

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TimeFrame: 15 min




1. Breakout

2. Support and Resistance

3. Weekday

This are 3 indicators necessary for this system.

If they click now with the mouse every indicator individually, and they pull this then in this desired Timeframe.

1.3 What the indicators serve for

The Breakout indicator signals a rank, the course moves within this rank before an outbreak takes place.

The rank is completed every morning about 9.00 o'clock GMT.

The Support and Resistance indicator indicates all Support and Resistance(Support=Unterstützung, Line below. Resistance=Wiederstand, line above.

The weekday indicator is regulated with legal click in the Chart under the option Input.

2. The Traden of outbreaks

The absolutely most profitable kind of the Trading, this is traden from outbreaks. The buying occurs

in him Case always in the restate, so the uppermost point in the Chart, because where the course over and over again bounced off is and has changed the direction or the selling to the Unterstützungsline to itself below considers.

Not only buyers and shop assistants but also a lot of stops lie with these points, of course.

Him break through to the upper line in the Resistance a purchase signal explains, here becomes long.

Order places and in the lower line in the Support it is put short Entry. The rank (number of the Pips between Support and Resistance) is used around the stop Loss and To fix take profit for every order.

2.1 The analysis of a rank

The course forms constantly somewhere a rank in that bounces off, now it is a matter of deciding which rank does not make sense and which. If we look once the following Chart of the EUR / JPY.

All Support and Resistance are provided with numbers, Support as well as also Resistance begin to explain better in each case with 1 around the rank and to show their togetherness.

Support1 and Resistance1 form together a rank of scanty 20 Pips, what completely senselessly is to be placed there long and short order.

To see PDF file in attach into file rar

There if they can choose the respective weekday 1=Montag, 2=Dienstag, 3=Mittwoch,

4 =Donnerstag,

5=Freitag. Then they agree on the basis of 2 lines, one finds itself above the course and they

other below, always the topical today's high and day low-pressure area indicated. This indicator is to be checked very well around the Daily to rank one day from the past to calculate above all one average market volume.


Trading System
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