69# Maraurder Trading System

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Time frame 5 or 15 min.


Metatrader Indicators:

Maraurder 7.2

Maraurder Low TF V.7


 This indicator Maraurder 7.2 uses 4 timeframes to produce a signal, that's why there are 4 dots. If you select "2 dots" only it means a signal will be produced when 2 timeframes line up. For example, when M15 is positive and M30 is positive then you will get a buy signal. If you select "4 dots" it means all 4 timeframes need to agree in the same direction before you get a signal.

Therefore, 2 dots will give you more signals than 4 dots..but the signal for 4 dots will be more accurate than 2 dots.
Best use "3 dots".

Set: all method signal true.
The indicator was originally made to trade on M5, but people use it on M15 as well.


Long Entry: Green arrow, confirmated by Maraurder 7.0 green.

Short Entry: Red arrow, confirmated by Maraurder 7.0 red..



When appears signal exit.



In the pictures Maraurder forex system in action.

Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy.

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