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73# BO7A GBP/GPJ/ Trading System

daily pivot fibo and EMA forex System

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Time Frame H1



1-ema 7 (yellow)

2-ema 15 (red)

3-ema 90 (white)

4-daily pivot fibo



1-we detect trend using ema 90 if the price is over the line then we are in an up trend and we are looking only for long positions , and if the price is under the line then we are in down trend and we are looking only for short positions.

2-we use the crossover of ema 7 with ema 15 to determine the entry point , we don't enter immediately after the intersection but we wait until the price retest ema 7.

3-we use the daily pivot fibo to determine the exit point and we exit at the first level that meets us or before it.

4-use safety stop loss at 75 points and u can use hedge if you like it.

5- don't enter with very big candles or with news and in vacation



In the pictures BO7A GBP/GPJ forex system in action.

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