86# Zoomer Pro Forex System

Time frame H1, Best 4H


Zoomer Pro

Forex FreeWay

Gann sq9

MACD (6, 31, 4)

Stochastic (31,3, 5)


Long Entry:

Trade by Follow The Zoomer Pro Indicate (Buy-Green) , The better Way is when the same colour appear. Zoomer Pro is are more reliable if confirmed by Stoch cross up and MACD>0.

Is an good Entry also with Zoomer Pro green and stoch cross up.

Stop Loss:

Set Stop Loss at the low of the entry candle.


Short Entry:

Trade by Follow The Zoomer Pro Indicate (Sell-Red) , The better Way is when the same colour appear. Zoomer Pro is are more reliable if confirmed by Stoch cross down and MACD<0.

Is an good Entry also with Zoomer Pro green and stoch cross down.

Stop Loss

Set Stop Loss at the HIGH of the entry candle.


Exit Position:When Freeway reverse

In the picture Zoomer Pro forex system in action.

Zoomer Pro

Trading System
zoomer pro .rar
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