129# Little Boy Trading System

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Pair: Pair ALL
TF: M5


  I got this rule from the system:
1.entry point
all in green enter r all in red see picture carefully
2. exit
if any one goes red 
support and resistance r hrs use a chart to draw it
When market volumes 

3.use it is more may be after an hour later after New Yorkopens for USD pairs similarly for other market for the pairs u choose
4.daily average range indicator is only for reference 

for range calculation
5.sl is must r u r its risk
6.i feel
 fundamendals (news) is the only enemy for my system

This system of sy I try Simplify:

HMA_Period 72 = Green
 HMA_Period 20 = Green
 Heiken_Ashi_MA = Green
 Heiken_Ashi_MA_Bars = Green

- HMA_Period 72 = Red
- HMA_Period 20 = Red
- Heiken_Ashi_MA = Red
- Heiken_Ashi_MA_Bars = Red

When one HMA_Period different colors. Use the exit confirmation for H1 TF.


Ini rule dari yg punya sistem:

1.entry point

all in green enter r all in red see picture carefully

2. exit

if any one goes red  support and resistance use 1 hrs chart to draw it

3.use it when market volumes is more may be after an hour later after newyork opens for usd pairs similarly for other market for the pairs u choose

4.daily average range indicator is only for reference for range calculation

5.sl is must r its u r risk

6.i feel fundamendals(news) is the only enemy for my system



Jujur aja nih... sy sendiri blon mencobanya cuma backtest. Saya harap rekan-rekan nyoba di demo dulu, dapatkan feel-nya dulu kalo uda yakin baru nyemplung ke real.


Ini sistem yg sy coba permudah:


Pair : ALL Pair

TF : M5


- HMA_Period 72 = Hijau

- HMA_Period 20 = Hijau

- Heiken_Ashi_MA = Hijau

- Heiken_Ashi_MA_Bars = Hijau



- HMA_Period 72 = Merah

- HMA_Period 20 = Merah

- Heiken_Ashi_MA = Merah

- Heiken_Ashi_MA_Bars = Merah



Bila salah satu HMA_Period berbeda warna. Gunakan TF H1 utk konfirmasi exit.



In the picture Little boy forex system in action.

indicators little boy
Trading System little boy
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Metatrader Templete little boy
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