X Chart Forex System Xard777



You can trade 1hr, 4hr & Daily using this system.

Easy 1, 2, 3 Rules for using X Chart.

Rule 1). We want to take trades in the direction of the 
Trend Dot Line.
Magenta color Dots = SELL trades only & Lime color Dots = BUY trades only.


Rule 2). We want to enter our trade at the cross of the price/signal line.
When the white price line crosses the yellow/red signal line.

Rule 3). We want to BUY when RSI is +50 & SELL when RSI is -50
When we enter a SELL the 
RSI should be below 50

When we enter a BUY the RSI should be above 50

If we trade using the three rules above then we will always be trading with the 
intraday trend and not against it. Price always moves the greatest with the trend.




In the picture X Chart forex system in action by Xard777

X Chart
Trading System
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