641# FTLM-STLM Scalping Evolution

HTF (High Frequency Trading)

FTLM:STML 5 min Binary Options

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FTLM-STLM Scalping Evolution is a trading system for fast scalping and Buinary Options High/low based on the FTLM-STML indicator Mq4 as power filter of an fast evolute arrow of new generation (only for fast scalping trading).


The main feature of this system is the speed, with pregy and defects, but it is equipped with a double filter to minimize the false signals generated.

Binary Options High/low exipy time 2-3 candles depends by volatlity of the moment,if the volatility is high 2 candles are fine, I do not recommend automating this system for BInary Options because it is discretionary and should be filtered being trend momentum.


Time Frame 5 min.

Currency pairs for scalping with low spreads Stock Indices and Commodities. Best results for Binary Options Majors minors (AUD and CAD pairs also Indices and Oil).

Sessions of trading: London and New York.


Metatrader Indicators

FTLM-STML indicator Mq4 defalut setting.

Speed arrow (setting show arrows).

Pivot Points Level.


FTLM-STLM Scalping Evolution trading rules

Buy or Call

Buy arrow with blue heiken ashi smoothed.

FTLM-STLM green bar.



Sell or Put

Sell arrow with red heiken ashi smoothed.

FTLM-STLM red bar.


Exit position options:

At the opposite arrow.

Fast profit target with ratio 0.8-1: Stop loss.

At the level of pivot points.


Initial stop loss at the previous swing/high/low.

In the pictures FTLM-STLM Scalping Evolution in action.

FTLM-STLM Scalping Evolution
FTLM-STLM Scalping Evolution
FTLM-STLM Scalping Evolution
FTLM-STLM Scalping Evolution
FTLM-STLM Scalping Evolution
FTLM-STLM Scalping Evolution
FTLM-STLM Scalping Evolution
FTLM-STLM Scalping Evolution
FTLM-STLM Scalping Evolution
FTLM-STLM Scalping Evolution

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FTLM-STLM Scalping Evolution
FTLM-STLM Scalping Evolution
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