671# 123 PZ Scalping

Moving Averages with 123 pattern

Trend Breakout Scalping

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123 PZ Scalping is a trend breakout scalping system based on famous 1-2-3 pattern filtered by three moving averages. system setup is very simple, trade when the trend (Up or Down) is confirmed by the moving averages and by the other indicators two indicators, therefore for example if the trend is up and the conditions are met only the long signals are traded and vice versa.

You can apply this template also at the renko and range chart.

Time Frame 5 min or higher.

Currency pairs: major, minor and Indices.

Indicators MT4

PZ 123 size pattern 6

Exponential Moving Average 10 period, close.

Exponential Moving Average 200 period, close.

Exponential Moving Average 100 period, close.

Exponential Moving Average 50 period, close.

Extreme profit Softavare

Extreme Profit 1

Daily Dynamic Trend Currency

Trading rules 123 PZ Scalping

Trades only in the direction of the trend, basic rule.


Exponential moving average 50 above EMA 200

Extreme profit bullish setup

Daily Dynamic Trend Currency >50

PZ 123 Pattern buy arrow.


Exponential moving average 50 below EMA 200

Extreme profit bearish setup

Daily Dynamic Trend Currency <50

PZ 123 Pattern sell arrow.

Exit position

Ppredetermine profit target or with ratio stop loss 1:1.3. Initial stop loss below above the previous swing High/low.


In the pictures 123 PZ Scalping in action.

123 PZ Scalping
123 PZ Scalping
123 PZ Scalping
123 PZ Scalping
123 PZ Scalping
123 PZ Scalping
123 PZ Scalping
123 PZ Scalping
123 PZ Scalping
123 PZ Scalping
123 PZ Scalping
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