1 min scalping with Fibo Quantum Channel

1 min Quantum Scalping

Random Forex Strategy

Submit by Joy22

1 min scalping with Fibo Quantum Channel is the update of an previous post, but we thought of creating a new one because updating is important.

The update I do it is the key to success of the strategy.


This method of quantum scalping should be applied to couples who are: “in quiet moments ". This is the key of success with this strategy that can generate many pips.

So how do you find couples with relative low volatility?

go to https://www.myfxbook.com/forex-market/heat-map and choose the Heat Map tool and choose the currency pairs that approach zero% oscillation in the 4 hours prior to the scalping session.

If during the session the Heat Map strength value exceeds 35% stop the session at the end of the cycle.

Within the 0 + - 0.4 oscillation the cycles all close. Between the value 0.4 and 1 the cycles close but with multiple operations. Greater than 1 do not trade.

Time frame 1 min

Currency pairs with Heat Map value close to 0. EUR, NZD, AUD, Avoid GBP, JPY are also recommended when using numerator.

Metatrader 4 indicators

MA Fibo chnnel 1000 bars periods

Quantum indicator 300 perios.

Trading rules Quantum 1 min scalping with Fibo Quantum Channel


Quantum square below the lower channel

Heat Map near0 and < +- 0.4


Quantum square above the upper channel

Heat Map near 0 and < +- 0.4

Profit Target 5-8 pips for each trade but close everything on reaching the first target.

Max trades 15 in the same direction.

Close session trading when the value P of the Heat Map is above at + -0.4.


In examples prior to the trading session, the Heat Map p-value for EURCAD and AUDUSD was close to zero.

1 min Quantum Scalping
1 min Quantum Scalping
1 min Quantum Scalping
1 min Quantum Scalping

In EURCAD during the session it went up but there were three positive cycles.

1 min scalping with Fibo Quantum Channel
1 min scalping with Fibo Quantum Channel

IN AUDUSD the value before the trading session was close to zero but never exceeded + -0.4 there were multiple winning trading sessions.

1 min scalping with Fibo Quantum Channel
1 min scalping with Fibo Quantum Channel

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/freeforexresources

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