659# ETS 1 min Scalping

MA in color applied price filter strategy

Trend Following Strategy

Submit by Maximo Trader


ETS 1 min Scalping ETS i min scalping is an application of the channel filter system built on MA Color applied price. In this case the channel is built on a very slow moving average because applied at 1 min time frame the purpose is to have a robust trend filter.

The application was made with the TS scalp8 indicator, but other slow trend following arrows can also be used. The aim of this article is to demonstrate the validity of the slow channel based on a 250 period moving average (High, Low and Close) as a robust filter system for slow arrows on a 1 min time frame and to be successful. The system is open and if you send other slow arrows to test it is good.

I have compared this filter with a paid one with a monthly subscription (Hercules) this example is better and can be improved.

Time Frame 1 min.

Currency pairs :major, minor Commodities and stock index.

Metatrader 4 indicators:

Startmen mini chart,


TS Scalp 8 (generates the signal at open of the third bar).

MA in color applied price 250 period, close,

MA in color applied price 250 period, high,

MA in color applied price 250 period, low,

MACD (18, 35, 15).

Trading rules ETS 1 min Scalping

Trades only in the direction of the trend.

Price above the MA channel is uptrend.

Price below the MA channel is downtrend.


Arrow buy of the TS Scalp indicator.

Price breaks up the channel and the three MA are all green.

These two conditions can also occur not at the same time.


Arrow sell of the TS Scalp indicator.

Price breaks down the channel and the three MA are all red.

These two conditions can also occur not at the same time.

Advanced entry: you can also enter the first retracement of the price (for example if the signal is a buy signal you can enter when Heiken Ashi turns red and vice versa)

Note that when the price breaks the channel it is not convenient to enter on the retracement.

Exit position

Initial stop loss below/above the channel.

Profit Target 5-15 pips depend by pairs.

Exit at opposite arrow if the price do not touches the stop loss.

In the pictures ETS 1 min Scalping in action.

 ETS 1 min Scalping
ETS 1 min Scalping
 ETS 1 min Scalping
ETS 1 min Scalping
 ETS 1 min Scalping
ETS 1 min Scalping
 ETS 1 min Scalping
ETS 1 min Scalping
 ETS 1 min Scalping
ETS 1 min Scalping
ETS 1 min Scalping
ETS 1 min Scalping
ETS 1 min Scalping.rar
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Comments: 3
  • #3

    Luiz (Tuesday, 31 December 2019 01:22)


    Thanks for the answer.
    I found the problem.
    In my mt4 the indicator "MA_in_Color_wAppliedPrice" was unavailable. Was necessary compile again in metaeditor.
    Now the template work.

    Thanks !

  • #2

    Admin (Sunday, 29 December 2019 15:03)

    Please check the template. No problem, it's fine.

  • #1

    Luiz (Sunday, 29 December 2019 14:52)


    The Moving Average Channel are missing in the template.
    Please, uptade !!

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