676# Xcode Forex System

Ratis filter

High Frequency Trading

Submit by Marcus


Xcode Forex System is a high Frequency Trading System trend momentum with an very robust filter that you can use with this strategy any arrow trend and momentum. The filter is composed by Xcode envelope and classic momentum but very good filter for metatrader 4 (forex supreme filter alias ratis filter). 

The purpose of this double filter is to filter on the one hand the signals in trend that however we have a good momentum of entry. In other words, this double filter is suitable for filtering trend signals rather than momentum signals.

In this post i show the template with two different arrow.

Time Frame 30 min or higher

Currency pairs: Majors and minors

Metatrader 4 indicators:

Xcode period 8.

Ratis filter period 4.

Arrow 1

Arrow 2 My holy grail (first version).

Trading rules Xcode Forex System

Simple conditions


Xcode envelope belove the bar

Ratis filter blue color.

Arrow buy


Xcode envelope above the bar

Ratis filter white color.

Arrow sell.

Exit position initial stop loss above/below the line of envelope.

Profit target at opposite arrow or with predetermined ratio.

Close position when Xcode changes direction.

The template with my holy grail indicator has a very aggressive setting.

I personally feel comfortable with time frames daily or 12 hours.

I get the 12 hour time frame with the default period converter script in Metatrader


In the pictures Xcode Forex System in action.

 Xcode Forex System
Xcode Forex System
 Xcode Forex System
Xcode Forex System
 Xcode Forex System
Xcode Forex System
 Xcode Forex System
Xcode Forex System
 Xcode Forex System
Xcode Forex System
 Xcode Forex System
Xcode Forex System
Xcode Forex System
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