664# Magic Impulse For Day Trading

Zig Zag for intraday trading.

Price Action Reversal Trend Strategy

By Maximo Trader


Magic Impulse for Day Trading applies the Future Projections and Agimat logic to day trading. The main question to be resolved was how to identify the reversal points most likely. The solution to this question was to slow down the formation of the yellow boxes by slowing down the setting of the Level ZZ Semaphor and to add support and resistance levels that are formed on the basis of the 4 hour time frame. The trading system was built on this logical basis. Then being a strategy for day trading or added Currency Strength to choose currencies with more movement, so I remember that you have to choose strong currencies as opposed to weak currencies.

Time Frame 15, 30 min (best 30 min).

Currency Pairs: any.

Metatrader 4 Indicators

Support and Resistance indicator setting 4H (the logic of this setting is to center a gain even if the trend does not change. This is foundamental for day trading)

Pallada Assistant 2.0

AIZIG period 3 (this the arrow but you can also use the arrows proposed by future projections or by agimat is indifferent.)

Brillanty Currency Strength for day trading

3 Level ZZ Semafor

Pivot Weekly


STR Conf (21, 14, 1, 50) this is best setting for projetions of the price.

Step VMA 13 period.

Trading rules Magic Impulse For Day Trading

Buy conditions

Suppor blue dot.

Yellow Square

Step VMA withe bar

STR Conf pointig upward

HA white bar

Aizig buy arrow.

Pallada confirm direction up.

Sell conditions

Suppor red dot.

Yellow Square

Step VMA pink bar

STR Conf pointig downward

HA pink bar

Aizig sell arrow.

Pallada confirm direction down.

Exit position

Initial stop loss below/above the SR dots.

Profit target on the levels of the pivot point.

Note: To make the best use of this system, it is always recommended to follow the basic indications when you are confident you can try to re-enter to the trend. This methodology is proven to be successful. So calm down, the results will come.


In the pictures Magic Impulse For Day Trading

 Magic Impulse For Day Trading
Magic Impulse For Day Trading
 Magic Impulse For Day Trading
Magic Impulse For Day Trading
 Magic Impulse For Day Trading
Magic Impulse For Day Trading
 Magic Impulse For Day Trading
Magic Impulse For Day Trading
Magic Impulse For Day Trading
Magic Impulse For Day Trading
Magic Impuls For Day Trading
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    Cladi (Tuesday, 11 February 2020 17:01)

    Thr Aizig arrow it is not in template.

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