678# Fx Turbo Profit

Price Action Trend

Support and resistance with trend arrow.

Submit by Lorenz


Fx Turbo Profit is a price action trend forex strategy based on a good indicator of support and resistance that draws on the chart zone of SR The signals are generate by FX Soni indicator. an arrow trend that does not produce much noise. In this case the FX Soni clean signals are filtered by the areas of support and resistance. So if the price bounces on the support areas, buy signals are generated, if the signal bounces on areas of resistance, we will only follow the short signals.

Time Frame 5 min, 15 min or 30 min.


Metatrader 4 Indicators:

SR indicator (default setting)

Heiken Ashi

Bid Asck line

Auto Reccomandation (FX Soni trend arrow)

Synphonie extreme indicator below the main chart (optional)

FX Turbo Profit trading rules


Support Zone.

Arrow buy of FX Soni

Symphonie extreme blue and withe dot


Resistance Zone

Arrow sell of FX Soni

Symphonie extreme red and yelllow dot

Exit position

Place initial stop loss above or below the support and resistance zone.

Exit with predetermined profit target or at oppositye arrow.

In the pictures Fx Turbo Profit in action


This is a winning strategy

Fx Turbo Profit
Fx Turbo Profit
Fx Turbo Profit
Fx Turbo Profit
Fx Turbo Profit
Fx Turbo Profit
Fx Turbo Profit
Fx Turbo Profit
Fx Turbo Profit
Fx Turbo Profit
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