668# RSIOMA Scalping

RSIOMA and RSI Scalping Strategy

King Momentum Strategy

Submit by Joy22

RSIOMA Scalping is a strategyis perfect for scalping trades as well as swing trades. based on complex mql4 indicator built with RSIOMA and RSI (RSIOMA as trend of and RSI as timing for entry).

How to trade with RSIOMA Scalping?


the indicator on the chart hast wo lines. yhick golden line is "Trend Line". Thin green line is "Signal Line".

Trend line is used to determine the trend as well as used to enter the market. Signal line is used only to enter the market.

Trend line or golden line" is used to predict the trend of the market. when the golden line goes below lowerlevel (Level 20) and rises up, it means the market conditions are turning bullish. When the golden line goes above the upperlevel (Level 80) and falls, it means the market conditions are turning bearish. If the golden line is below level 20 and isn't rising above level 20, it means the market is bearish. If the golden line is above level 80 and isn't falling below level 80, it means the market is bullish."Signal line or reen line" is to used only for entries. If the golden line is staying above level 80 (Bullish Market) and green line goes below level 20 then it can be a potential time to enter the market and go long. If the golden line is staying below level 80(Bearish Market) and pink line goes above level 20 then it can be a potential time to enter the market and go short. green line or Signal line assists traders to ride the trend as well as help traders enter in market with tighter stop loss. You can place the stop-loss just few pips above or below the entry or the last highest high or lowest low. This way of trading is suitable for experts, to simplify instead of using the signal line I introduced Nerpa indicator as the entry timing.

Time Frame 15 min or higher.

Currency pairs: majors, Gold and Indices.

Metatrader 4 indicators:

RSIOMA with RSI ( 5,3,14, 150).

Nerpa indicator.

Trading rules RSIOMA Scalping (simplified way)


RSIOMA gold line> 50 level

Nerpa buy arrow.


RSIOMA gold line <50 level

Nerpa sell arrow.

Exit position

Place initial stop loss above / below the entry bar or candle.

Fast profit target depends on currency pair and time frame.

Use of the Nerpa indicator is to learn the technique.

This is a basic model that can be improved.


In the pictures RSIOMA Scalping in action.

RSIOMA Scalping
RSIOMA Scalping
RSIOMA Scalping
RSIOMA Scalping
RSIOMA Scalping
RSIOMA Scalping
RSIOMA Scalping
RSIOMA Scalping
RSIOMA Scalping
RSIOMA Scalping
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RSIOMA Scalping
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