667# Scalping M1 MTF

M-Candle Forex strategy with retracement

Trend following strategy multi time frame

Submit by Paolo Ferraris


Scalping M1 MTF is a forex strategy  trend following, the purpose of which is to trade to find strong trends and to enter these retracement trends using the M-Candle indicator. This trading strategy is a winner. The strategy is learned in about 3-4 weeks of practice. Fundamental to this scalping trading system is the use of the currency strength indicator to identify the pairs to trade on. 

Time Frame 1 min.

Currency pairs Minor and major.

Metatrader 4 indicators:

Currency Strength Giraia 28 pairs.

I- Sessiond.

Lot size auto Calculator.

Symbol Changer 1.1

I-BJ MTF MA (200 period, close, MTF 1 min).

I-BJ MTF MA (200 period, close, MTF 5 min).

I-BJ MTF MA (200 period, close, MTF 51 min).

Sweet spots levels.

Trading rules Scalping M1 MTF

Open the template with indicators.

Chose a session to work.

Look at the strongest (more than 7.0) e the weakest currency (less than 2.0). Join them and open the chart with his pair.

M-candle is set 60 minutes, but you can set the timeframe you are more comfortable.

The Emas must be one up the other, or in descending trend, one below the other.

Wait for pullback on the M1 Ema or a H1 M-candle picking the Ema.

5 /10 pips TP

To have a more complete wisdom of volatility currencies you can open this table:



In the picures example of trading with Scalping M1 MTF.

Scalping M1 MTF
Scalping M1 MTF
Scalping M1 MTF
Scalping M1 MTF
Scalping M1 MTF
Scalping M1 MTF

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