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Trend Blaster Strategy is a trend mo,mentum strategy suitable for day trading based on Arrowa and curves indicator mq4 filtered by two trend momentum indicators and Zig Zag, there are the levels of pivot points as profit and stop leves but also as Overbought and oversold relative levels, so this strategy can be interpreted in two ways:


the first trend following and the pivot levels are used as targets or stop losses; the second one begins to open positions from the overbought and oversold areas but always filtered.

Time frame 5 min, 15 min 30min, best time frame 15 min.

Currency pairs with low spreads and indices.


Metatrader 4 Indicators

Profitable strategy indicator mq4.

Arrows e curves default setting.

Pivots levels.

FS30 5 indicator mq4 default setting.

FS30 4 indicator mq4 default setting.


Trading rules Trend Blaster Strategy

This strategy can be interpreted in two ways: trend following and based on pivot areas.

Trend following


Buy arrow of arrows and curves confirmed by FS 4 and 5 indicators whit blue bar.



Sell arrow of arrows and curves confirmed by FS 4 and 5 indicators with white bar.


Following the pivots zone

When the price bounces on a green pivot zone follow only buy arrows.

When the price bounces on a purple pivot zone follow only sell arrows.


Exit from the market

At pivot levels according to discretion but minimum ratio stop loss 1: 1 stop loss. Initial stop loss at the previous swing high / low or below / above pivot level.


This is a winning strategy.

In the pictures Trend Blaster Strategy in action.

Trend Blaster Strategy
Trend Blaster Strategy
Trend Blaster Strategy
Trend Blaster Strategy
Trend Blaster Strategy
Trend Blaster Strategy
Trend Blaster Strategy
Trend Blaster Strategy

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  • #2

    Adam (Saturday, 26 October 2019 14:48)

    Indicators except arrows and curves repaint. Useless. Don't waste time friends.

  • #1

    adeel sarwar (Tuesday, 22 October 2019 13:10)

    this indicator is good but hang mt4

Trend Blaster Strategy
Trend Blaster Strategy
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