648# Turbo JRSX Trading

Turbo explosive day trading.

Day trading with fast RSX filtered and slow moving averages.

Submit by Maximo trader


Turbo JRSX Trading is a trend momentum trading system for day trading and swing trading easy and explosive with many profits. The trading system is based on RSX fast as the timing of entry and two slow moving averages that indicate the direction of the trend and trades only in the direction of the trend.

Time frame 15 min, 30 min, 60 min, 240 min and daily time frame.


Currency pairs: any, Indices and Commodities

Metatrader indicators setting for build the template

50 exponential moving average, close.

200 exponential moving average, close.

Turbo jrsx 7 periof filter 3.0. overbought>70- oversold <30.

Pivot points only for day trading.


Trading rules Turbo JRSX Trading

Trades only in the direction of the trend if MA 50>MA 200 only buy;

if MA 50<MA200 only sell.


MA 50> MA200

JRSX below 30 turns green above 30.



MA 50< MA200

JRSX above 70 turns yellow below 70.


Place initial stop loss on the previous swing low/high.

Profit target at the pivot points levels for day trading.

For swing trading profit target at important levels of support/resistance ypu can also use trailing stop and move stop loss.



This trading system generates signals very accurate.

In the pictures Turbo JRSX Trading in action.

Turbo JRSX Trading
Turbo JRSX Trading
Turbo JRSX Trading
Turbo JRSX Trading
Turbo JRSX Trading
Turbo JRSX Trading
Turbo JRSX Trading
Turbo JRSX Trading

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Turbo JRSX Trading
Turbo JRSX Trading
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