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Stoch Flet filter

Trend Momentum Trading System

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FX Eagle Eagle is a simple but effective trading system for day trading and Swing trading here I show the day trading version. this Forex System is a classic Forex trading system that consists of four indicators: a signal indicator (FX Eagle Signal Indicator) and a dashboard (FX Eagle Dashboard), on momentum indicator as filter and the pivot points levels. FX Eagle system is not repainted and has very good for make money.

The momentum filter it manages to avoid some false signals and the pivots are good as a profit target. So compared to the original version without filter and pivot point levels it is better.

Time frame 1 min or higher

Currency pairs: major and minor.

Metatrader 4 indicators

Fx Eagle signal.

FX Eagle Dashboard (Help the treder to choose the currency pair to trade on.)

Stoch Flet Mod (34, 21, 7)

Pivot Points Levels.

Trading rules FX Eagle Filtered

FX Eagle Dashboard is : trend analyzer that measures the strongest trend on multiple timeframes using a secret formula. It shows rectangles with the name of the currency pair. The color of the rectangles means the following blue - only buy trades (ignore sell trades), red - only sell trades (ignore buy trades) rey (Neutral) - no trade .


Blue currency pair on dashboard.

FX Eagle buy signal

Stoch Flet mod blue bar


Red currency pair on dashboard.

FX Eagle sell signal

Stoch Flet mod red bar

Exit position

Place initial stop loss below the previous swing high/low.

Profit Target at the levels pivot or exit position at the opposite signal.


In the pictures FX Eagle filtered in action

FX Eagle Filtered
FX Eagle Filtered
FX Eagle Filtered
FX Eagle Filtered
FX Eagle Filtered
FX Eagle Filtered
FX Eagle Filtered
FX Eagle Filtered
FX Eagle Filtered
FX Eagle Filtered

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