658# FXI Trend Finder Scalping

FXI Trend line Price Action

Trend following price action

Submit by Lorenz

FXI Trend Finder Scalping is a price action trend following strategy based on Trend Finder indicator filterd by support and resistance and trend line. Parabolic Sar is as trailing stop.


Time frame 5 min or higher

Currency pairs: major minor, stock index and commodities.

Plataform: Mretatrader 4

Metatrader 4 Indicators setting

Best Reversal support and resistance.

Advanced Parabolic sar default setting.

MT Trend line price action indicator.

FXI-Trend Finder Indicator trend timing entry indicator.

Trading rules FXI Trend Line

Long Enry

Price bounce or touches on the Support Zone.

Parabolic Sar Advanced blue dot below the candle.

Buy Arrow of Trend Finder indicator below the candle.

Trend line price action indicator pointing upward.

Short entry

Price bounce or touches on the Resistance Zone.

Parabolic Sar Advanced red dot above the candle.

Sell Arrow of Trend Finder.

Trend line pointing downward.

Exit Position options

Fast Scalping dependes by currency pairs and time

3-7 pips 5 min time frame

4-10 pips 15 min time frame

5-12 pips 30 min

6-14 pips 60 min.

7-18 pips 240 time frame.

Stop loss above/below dot of the Parabolic Sar.

Other option for exit position:

To follow the position with parabolic Sar but to fix also an predetermined profit target with ratio 1:1.15 initial stop loss.


In the pictures FXI Trend Finder Scalping Scalping in action.

 FXI Trend Finder Scalping
FXI Trend Finder Scalping
 FXI Trend Finder Scalping
FXI Trend Finder Scalping
 FXI Trend Finder Scalping
FXI Trend Finder Scalping
 FXI Trend Finder Scalping
FXI Trend Finder Scalping
FXI Trend Finder Scalping
FXI Trend Finder Scalping
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