470# Haos Visual Strategy

MA Bands distance trading 

Submit by Roger 02/07/2015

Haos visual Strategy is a trend reversal trading system based on Haos visual indicator and TMA Bands. The essence of the strategy is that the indicator shows the chaos of change trend and the indicator ssrc filters and shows exactly where the entry. Total of profitable trades close to 80-90 percent, but the remaining 10 are very, very difficult to trade. Namely, it is very difficult to find a filter for a long trend.

Time Frame 1 min or higher.

Currency pairs:any depends by time frame.

Metatrader Indicators

TMA Distance ( period 28, ATR multiplier 2.8, period 100),

Extreme TMA Info (56 period , TMA ATR period 100),

Key Levels,

SSRC MTF (current time frame),

SSRC MTF (next time frame- manual setting),

Haos Visual indicator defaul setting.

Trading rules Haos Visual Strategy


When the price bounce or broken the lower TMA bands wait the buy orrows of the SSRC indicator and entry at opening of the next candle.


When the price bounce or broken the higher TMA bands wait the sell orrows of the SSRC indicator entry at opening of the next candle.

Exit position

Place stop loss on the previous high/low,

Make profit at the key levels.

In the picture Haos visual strategy.

Haos visual strategy
Haos visual strategy


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    nikos (Sunday, 01 March 2020 18:50)

    I actually use the exact same strategy.
    To filter out the enornomus trends just use a higher timeframe chaos.
    On 4hr timeframe it gives 1-2 trades per month per pair.

    I do not recomend to use tgis system lower than 1hr though unless you have very quick hands

  • #2

    Oliver (Wednesday, 23 October 2019 11:01)

    SSRC MTF is a bad repainter. Be careful

  • #1

    Joseph (Monday, 25 January 2016 14:56)

    how to install?

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