562# Nonlagma Stochastic

Spud Stochastic trading with nonlagma

Submit by Larry 18/01/2017


Nonlagma Stochastic is a trend momentum strategy based on stachastic and Moving average. This template is and evolution of the classic strategy Moving Average 100 period and stochastic. The main difference is that in this template the moveng average is fast and I use two stochastic signals.

Time frame 15 min or higher.


Finanancial market:any.

Metatrader 4 Indicators

nonlagma period 9,

Stochastic cross alert ( 5,3,3, 90-10),

Spud stochastic with arrow (level up 85, level down 15).


Nonlagma Stochastic trading rules

This strategy is designed for fast profits.



Stochastic cross alert buy arrow or Spud stochastic buy arrow

confirmed by nonlagma blue line.



Stochastic cross alert sell arrow or Spud stochastic sell arrow

confirmed by nonlagma red line.


Exit position is fast and depends by currency pairs and time frame.

Example EUR/USD 15 min profit target =9 pips, EUR/USD 30 min profit target = 12 pips. AUD/USD 15 min profit target =8 pips, AUD/USD 30 min profit target = 11.


This strategy tends to have a high profitability around 70% but has a stop loss / profit ratio less than 1, so the key to this strategy is the optimal management of the trades. We must experience on demo accounts to learn how to manage trades for this purpose can also be used to support and resistance levels.


If managed well this is a winning strategy.

In the pictures Nonlagma Stochastic in action.

Nonlagma Stochastic
Nonlagma Stochastic
Nonlagma Stochastic
Nonlagma Stochastic
Nonlagma Stochastic
Nonlagma Stochastic

Non lag ma stochastic trading

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