546# Cycle Extremus Trading

Cycle trading

Cycle Extremus Trading , the strategy is based on several mathematical indicators (some of them are absolutely authoring (not mine)) and a simple understanding of the market - knowledge of basic models of market behavior - trend reversal, correction, double top or lowland, etc.


The schedule is not overloaded, a visually simple and clear work of TF 1-15 minutes, intraday, fair trade, the system does not provide for "incubation," drawdowns depot, only a small foot in 10 -. 15 points (to minimize the risks.), No violations mani management, standard operating exhibition of the depot, the profit of 100% in a month (I have left more than 500%)

The only drawback of the system is a slight delay when loading terminal. (40 - 60 seconds). Just when switching TF terminal can hang out or even hang. This is due to the fact that the indicators are based on complex mathematical calculations, and perhaps there are some flaws in the code of any indicator, but now over this work of programmers - all rechecks. If this is confirmed - you will be informed.


Ways: in history to put the display max. bars in the history window and 5000. But it is best to set the charts of the same currency in different TF, and then just switch not the TF, and graphics themselves with different TF.

But in any case we need a normal PC with a productive percent th and 1 g or more of RAM.


Be sure to adjust the window graphs like me - the same size and type of candles graphics to the terminal. Facilities vote quickly.


Entry points:


 On the screen is clearly visible principle that enter the market - a consolidation of indicators (where there is a vertical line drawn), "tie" the blue and red line drawing of a black point of the levels 15 and 85 (see the screenshots carefully !!!). In the upper part of the window (a sell), either the bottom (Bai). Entry only after drawn black dot on the display cycle_koufer extremus.mq4 - it is not redrawn (only on the current bar, but after it is formed - everything stays on the ground). This is the basic principle !!!


Immediately put a stop loss. If you are working on 15 m: 10-15 n, 1 min: 5-10 points.


Never sought to predict the point of drawing on cycle_koufer extremus !!!


Sometimes two turkey Adaptive RSI (red) and ravi_base (blue) can be redrawn (as seen by scrolling stories). Therefore, the foot and needed !!! But this rarely happens !!!


Indicator AC + Fibo SD v.04 merely for convenience and information, just in case !!!


How to maintain the profit from the transaction is up to you, because goals are different, nerves, too. Over time, you yourself will come down to how much you really need.


Always remember that price is never a reason not deployed - as a rule, it occurs on the horizontal support and resistance levels, or repelled from a level-or vertices, minimum !!! So we watch closely for it!


Lines Bollinger and MA just suggest what zone we're in.



Note When the signal from cycle_koufer extremus coincides with the signal from AntiAlligator probability of a correct entry is significantly increased !!! Sometimes it is an excellent singal on refilling the trend (see screenshots) can be seen in the history !!!


An important principle is: the older TF (15m), the stronger will be the movement of the smaller TF - on the contrary. Those. not worth to expect from the minute movements of 50-100 points, and logging on to 15m close 20 points and then watch as the price goes 200P.


Before you go in for a moment, have a look at the senior TF. If the situation on the indicators developed by the same favorable scenario, and that on the 1st, the probability of profit is what we need movement great !!! If not - the movement is not strong !!!! Those. if the situation on the 1st to buy, and 5m trend is down and the indicators do not show the approach to buy - the situation on the 1st most likely is the correction !!!!! The same principle applies to 5m - 15m



More comfortable for TF is a 5 min. ( for me!!! )

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS - look at all three of the TF in order to be understood in a zone to be the price and where it is best to go !!! Just may be a situation that going on the 1st to buy, you just put the final impetus to the price before going down to 15 minutes, and just miss it !!!

Cycle Extremus Trading
Cycle Extremus Trading
Cycle Extremus Trading
Cycle Extremus Trading
Cycle Extremus Trading
Cycle Extremus Trading


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