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Volatility trading

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FX Fortune Profit is a volatility trend system based forex software, which means we only enter volatility breakouts take place.


Volatility based indicators are the most reliable and profitable of their kind. They are widely used by professional Forex traders worldwide and this is what lets them stay in profit for many years of their Forex trading careers.

Filters indicators:


Intraday Forecast.


The arrow signals are displayed when the trend creates rollbacks and then goes back to its direction.

Rollback takes place when the price rapidly moves to an opposite direction than the trend. Eventually the price goes back to the direction of the trend, and software indicates the user to enter.

This method is very safe and stable, which makes Unstoppable Forex Profit a great tool to have in your Forex software collection. If you learn how to use it properly it might become your favourite


The concept behind this indicator is very simple and smart. It’s based on volatility breakout. Whenthe market breaks out some of the important levels calculated by the system this is exactly when asignal to enter is placed. For example, after a rollback the market breaks out to the direction of the trend and we get a signal arrow.



Time Frame M15 EUR/USD, M30/H1/H4 EUR/USD, M15/M30/H1/H4 GBP/USD and M15/M30/H1/H4, also (USD/JPY),



Blue arrow filtered by green bar QTI and green bar intraday forecast.


Red arrow filtered by red bar QTI and red bar intraday forecast.


Exit on the closing of the candle marked by the red arrow or with profit ratio stop loss 1:18.

Stop Loss Level is indicated by the closest yellow square to the entry signal.


Find always the trend also with MTF analysis.

In the pictures FX Fortune Profit in action.

FX Fortune Profit
FX Fortune Profit
FX Fortune Profit
FX Fortune Profit
FX Fortune Profit
FX Fortune Profit

FX Fortune trading

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    shiva (Tuesday, 14 March 2017 17:42)

    Hi, thanks for sharing , square dots ( yellow ) repaint or not ???

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