550# Forex Profit Machine

Advanced Metatrader 4 algorithm

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Forex Profit Machine is a trading system for scalping, intraday and swing trading based on advanced indicator Boc builded with Dema, Parabolic Sar and Stochastic modified. This system generates good signals for trading.

Time frame 1 min or higher.

Financial market: all


Session 1min and 5 min 8:00-20:00 GMT Berlin, for other time frame 00:00 24:00.

Metatrader indicators:

Boc setting description

Use_DEMA - is responsible for the use of the system component called

i-DEMA (modified moving average) during the formation of the signal.

Possible positions: «Yes» (true) - used or "no» (false) - not

use. If this component is included, the system will generate

signals only in the direction of the existing trend in the following period.

The trend will be formally considered finding a price on one side

signal line. I-DEMA over priced - down trend, a price - the trend is up.

Draw_DEMA - this parameter is responsible for displaying the i-DEMA on the chart.

Accordingly, in the «true» state we see the appropriate line on the

graphics, and when it is turned off «false» i-DEMA drawn on the chart will not be, but will participate in the formation of calculations and signals.

DEMA_period - this parameter is responsible for the period i-DEMA in days. more

period, the more "slow" to the signal line, the slower and smoother

will reigarovat signal line on price changes. The relevant

part look at specific examples. It is not recommended to change the parameters

without the need.


R2 - is responsible for displaying the modified parabolic on

chart. Possible positions: «Yes» (true) to display the graph or "no"

(False) do not display. This component is not disconnected, and does not require

setting, although this is available.


R2_step - step price change (conversion). The recommended value of 0.02. how

Typically, to set to work on any TF does not need.

R2_AFmax - measure acceleration, a step change in the price at the close of

position, the recommended value of 0.2 and is suitable for use on any



Use_Stoch - modified Stoshastic Oscullator. This parameter is responsible

for participation in the formation of the modified stochastic system signals.

«True» - means to take into account the stochastic and «false» informs the system that you do not

You need a signal filtering through stochastic and his testimony is not

taken into account in the formation of the signal.

This component of the system checks if all other signals

we came out of the overbought or oversold K spark back.

Stoch_K - the number of candles (bars) after exiting the critical zone

(LevelSell or LevelBuy), which assume stochastic signal is valid.

Stoch_D - Period D stochastic, fast moving line in the settings

indicator 2 by default.


Stoch_S - slowing stochastics, the default value of 3.

Stoch_N - season N stochastics, slower main line, has

a longer period, the default value of 12.

LevelSell - overbought level in% (for confirmation of sales).

LevelBuy - if you specify -1, the rate is calculated based on the level of the Sell,

a 100-LevelSell.

In our example, the stochastic oscillator levels are located at elevations

75 and 25%. If we change LevelSell level of from 75% to 90%, for example, level,

in which stochastics will automatically generate a component signal

shopping will be 10%. 80% - 20%, and so on.

Modified Stochastic is not displayed on the system terminal

several reasons, one of which is the desire to maintain system poster

maximum graphics workspace free. You can, if desired

Apply standard Stochastic with parameters 12, 2, 3, and set the levels,

that you want to monitor.


Filter I-Gentor LSMA-EMA: default setting, optional for time frame higher of 1 min


Rules Forex Profit Machine



Buy arrow of Boc

I-Gentor LSMA-EMA green and blue line



Sell arrow of Boc

I-Gentor LSMA-EMA red and yellow line


Exit position is discretionary.

In the pictures Forex Profit Machine in action.

Forex Profit Machine
Forex Profit Machine
Forex Profit Machine
Forex Profit Machine
Forex Profit Machine
Forex Profit Machine


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