537# Easy Scalping

Secret scalping

Submit by Mark 24/07/2016


Easy scalping is trend momentum scalping system. Very clear and easy to interpret.

I propose two versions of this system:

conservative and aggressive.

Time Frame 5 min or higher


Currency pairs: any.

Metatrader indicators


Conservative version


Deep Bar Indicator

Trend filter


Aggresive version


Deep Bar Indicator


Trading rules Easy Scalping



AFS Buy arrow confirmed by:

Deep Bar Indicator green bar

Trend filter green bar (only for conservative).



AFS Sell arrow confirmed by:

Deep Bar Indicator red bar (only for conservative).

Trend filter red bar.


Exit position with fast profit target or at the opposite arrow.


Initial stop loss on the previous high/low swing.

Advantage of this system is the extreme simplicity of interpretation.


Disadvantage of this sistem is that sometimes good signals are filtered.

Easy scalping
Easy scalping
Easy Scalping
Easy Scalping
Easy scalping
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