588# 5 min scalping with M5 Trader

M5 trader forex strategy

Submit by Marco 07/2017

5 min scalping with M5 Trader is a multi time frame forex strategy

trend following. Based on M5 Trader indicator.

Time frame 5 min, filter for trading 15 min.


Currency pairs: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD.

I would like to share really useful indicator with you – M5T RADER. It

based on popular indicators, such as CCI, DeMarker, ADX and MA (Moving Average).

The signal line based on complex indicators CCI/ADX/DeMarker

indicators. That's why it fast and active. M15 signal based on MA - it

works slowly, but taking orders on M5 with same direction on M15 are

very safe and comfortable.

Let me show you M5TRADER indicator! It works on M5 time frame


Trading Rules 5 min scalping with M5 Trader

This indicator doesn't repainted. M5TRADER provides trader with

alerts and Red/Blue line on the chart. This is very comfortable. Red arrow

means Sell, Blue arrow means Buy. But safe style - trade with same signal

on M15. You can see it on the chart. Easy!

Also, there is a spread information on the chart - it's useful in scalping

style of trading. Enjoy it & Make Pips!

Profit Target 7-12 pips depends by pairs.

Initial Stop loss 8-10 pips below/above the entry bar.

How yo install M5 Trader indicator

Start MetaTrader4. Select File in the menu, Open Data Folder.

You will be in a special MT4 folder: its name may vary depending on your broker. But that’s the folders you will see:

Now, open MQL4 folder. Here you will find Experts and Indicators folders:

 Copy and paste Indicator to Indicator's FOLDER.

In the pictures 5 min scalping with M5 Trader.

5 min scalping with M5 Trader
5 min scalping with M5 Trader
5 min scalping with M5 Trader
5 min scalping with M5 Trader

Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy.

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    Donno (Monday, 15 January 2018 08:36)

    Why no comment yet?? together with a bit more "tweeking" would be awesome!

    Clearly you put effort into this indi and what i love is the alert so as not having to stare at the screen the whole time, i would be honored to contribute...

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    Tony Amsterny (Monday, 11 September 2017 14:40)

    Is a good technique but I still confuse, how to open the trade. Is wait for the color change? like from red to blue and M15 shown Buy signal then open long order? and opposite for Sell order. Is my right?

5 min scalping with M5 Trader
5 min scalping with M5 Trader
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