494# 4 Bars NLMA System

Multitime frame trading

Submit by Monik 15/12/2015


4 Bars NLMA System is a trend-following trading system based on MTF Supertrend Bar indicator.

Time frame 1min or higher.


Financial market:any.

Metatrader Indicators:


Pivot points level for intraday trading.

You can also ad a momentum indicator for confirm.


Trading rules 4 Bars NLMA System



Arrow green on the main chart confirmed by 4 green square.

Momentum indicator crosses upward (optional)



Arrow red on the main chart confirmed by 4 red square.

Momentum indicator crosses downward (optional).


Tips: You may have some adjustments, so it is important to filter the indicator, with momentum indicator and also the moving averages.


Exit position:

Make profit at the pivot points level, at the predetermined profit target or at the next opposite arrow.

Place initial stop loss at the previous high/low swing.


In the pictures 4 Bars NLMA system in action.

4 Bars NLMA System
4 Bars NLMA System

Here is the indicator to run 4 bars NMLA

4 Bars NLMA System
4 Bars NLMA System

NLMA filtered by MACD MTF


Buy arrow confirmed by 3 or 4 squared of NLMA indicator and MACD MTF with histogram green.


Sell arrow confirmed by 3 or 4 squared of NLMA indicator and MACD MTF with histogram red.

 This updade of the  system generates less trades but more accurate.

NLMA filtered by MACD MTF
NLMA filtered by MACD MTF
NLMA filtered by MACD MTF
NLMA filtered by MACD MTF
NLMA MTF with MACD.rar
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Comments: 16
  • #1

    Kami (Wednesday, 16 December 2015 11:24)

    The 4 Bars NLMA indicator doesn't work. It will not appear in the window.

  • #2

    drsa (Friday, 25 December 2015 17:36)

    4 bars NLMA indicator is not working

  • #3

    farooq (Thursday, 21 January 2016 13:11)

    hi. the 4 bars nlma mtf is not working in my mt4 platform. pls mail me the remedy to farooqgm@hotmail.com

  • #4

    Admin (Friday, 22 January 2016 16:48)

    add folder indicators in MetaTrader 4, the indicator nonlagma 7.1

  • #5

    Jean (Friday, 29 January 2016 20:22)

    Hello, must be the following flag: NonLagMA_v7.1.mq4

  • #6

    Alexandr (Monday, 11 April 2016 22:33)

    Only support and resistance levels.Nothing else works.

  • #7

    Ginger (Tuesday, 12 April 2016 17:19)

    Hallo Monik , thanks for sharing. A question for you : 4barsNLMA indicator does repaint ?
    Thankyou !

  • #8

    Rob (Tuesday, 12 April 2016 17:32)

    Hi , now the system work well in my Mt4.

  • #9

    Linda (Tuesday, 12 April 2016)

    Hi monik and other traders , can you explain the workings of Obos/Stoch/Wpr indicators ?
    thank you very much.

  • #10

    kris (Tuesday, 12 April 2016 18:12)


  • #11

    Ron (Tuesday, 12 April 2016 21:13)

    to kris : yes , it repaints , as all MTF indicators .

  • #12

    John (Tuesday, 12 April 2016 22:58)

    I am very happy with this system.
    Sometimes the arrow appears with a delay bar.

  • #13

    John (Wednesday, 13 April 2016 00:22)

    On another forum you can learn this winning technique.

    But, I use this indicator to filter DB signals (which I did not have permission to share on this site for the copyrights).

  • #14

    hassan shahzad (Friday, 15 July 2016 07:26)

    people here saying that MTF is repaint....but its "no repaint".....once an indictor which does not repaint AFTER THE CLOSE of the candle thats called non repaint indicator...and every non repaint indicator indicator Repaint itself on the "current Candle"..and those which change its colour even AFTER THE CLOSE of the Candle...thats called repaint indicator...hope that will help people to understand what is the difference between repaint and non repaint indocator...
    As far as ..this system concern....i personally love it..because of its very accurate mtf no repaint indicator...i always use..MTF alone to take profits on the changes of the colors ...its my own method..and i never faced loss...Love this system..100 percent accurate...A Money machine it is...

  • #15

    hassan shahzad (Friday, 14 October 2016 11:09)

    its hassan Shahzad Again....Type Period "0" does not repaint for MTF NLMA....But....The indicator OBOS is simply amazing to Win Every trade..just wait to got all lines above or beneath the central level...Buy/Sell as soon as it crosses all lines...take your 10 to 20 pips Take profit for Eurusd...congratulations you are winning every trade...

  • #16

    Roman (Sunday, 11 October 2020 18:00)

    Dear hassan Shahzad. You're great, but understand, those newcomers who write posts - They are 0.0 in trading and do not understand this system. Unfortunately, they are STUPID donkeys.
    I use another system. But at first glance, based on my experience, I can say - the system is PROFITABLE.
    Good luck in your difficult business.

4 Bars NLMA System
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4 Bars NLMA System
4 Bars NLMA System