484# Furious trading

Trend price action strategy

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Furious trading is a trend price action strategy based on the indicators of the trend and price action. This strategy is good for intraday and swing trading.

Time Frame 15 min or higher

Currency pairs: any.

Metatrader Indicators basic:

EMA crossover (5, 6,)

Trend line,

Trend filters:

Enter Mark, Forex Supreme filter.

Trading rules Furious trading

  1. Find the market trend.

  2. Example if the trade to the time 15 minutes, see dashboard, and choose a currency with a tendency to 15, 30, 60 minutes is the same trend.


    Trend up,

    Enter Mark aqua bar,

    Supreme filter green bar,

    Ema crossover arrow buy.


Trend red,

Enter Mark magenta bar,

Supreme filter red bar,

Ema crossover arrow sell.

Exit position discretionary

In the pictures trend furious in action.

Furious Trading
Furious Trading
Furious Trading
Furious Trading
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