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Open any Forex chart, put the “Williams Percent Range” indicator just use the standard settings you don’t have to change anything. Next click and drag the “RSI” over the Williams Percent Range Indicator, using standard settings. Ok you’re done.
Next double-click “Accelerator Oscillator” once you have that on your chart click and drag the “
Stochastic Oscillator” over it using standard settings.
Now, when the “Williams Percent Range” crosses below the “RSI” and the “Stochastic” and Accelerator Oscillators” cross below zero (0) at the same time, GO short! When the
Williams Percent Range crosses over the “RSI” and the “Stochastic and AcceleratorOscillators” cross above zero at the same time, GO long!

Both these indicators work well on the H4 and Daily time frames. As an added option, I put a 50, 100, and 200 MA on my charts to both use a filter and trend direction.



In the picture below Braydensgrail Trading System in action.

Note: The red lines are were the indicators/indicator crossed and trades were taken. If you notice the Williams/RSI sometimes crosses first or the Stochastic/AC crosses first (you could use this as an early entry if you want to) these indicators are powerful enough to be used independently. I will sometimes enter the market early if I feel price action is going to cooperate, however I am more confident about a trade when all the indicators are reflecting one another. Other key factors the can influence my trading but not always are trend direction and fundamental reports such as news.

Money Management: As a "general rule"; I never risk more than 1% of total equity on any trade. I use a mental stop loss of -73 pips (depending on the pair and market conditions I sometimes increase it to -100 or more). If I have a trade open that is not yet in profit and I am going to bed or not going to be next to the computer for a few days I will place a stop loss with my broker. When a trade hits one pip profit I put a 15 or 25 point trailing stop on it (however if the market is acting volatile I will increase my trailing stop) and let it run until I am stopped out, but you can use which ever size trailing stop you want or your broker offers. Since everyone has a different account size I suggest you use a money management program that is best for your account. 




Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy.

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