29#Simple Strategy Trading System

SMA Stochastic and RSI Trading System

Time Frame: Daily.

Pairs: all.



SMA 150

Stochastic: 8,3,3.

RSI: 3.

Long Entry Position:

when the price is above 150 SMA look for RSI to plunge below 20. Then look at Stochastic - once the Stochastic lines crossover occur and it is (must be) below 30 - enter Long with a new price bar.

Short Entry Position:

when the price is below 150 SMA wait for the RSI to go above 80. Then if shortly after you see a Stochastic lines crossover above 70.


Protective stop is placed at the moment of entry and is adjusted to the most recent swinghigh/low.

Profits are going to be taken next way:
Option 1 - 
using Stochastic - with the first Stochastic lines cross above 70 (for uptrend) / below 30 (for downtrend). Option 4- exit with trailing stop; Option 5- exit on pivot pointweekly or fibonacci point.


In the picture below   SMA Stochastic and RSI Trading  System  in action.


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