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Koala forex system is an easy forex method, even for a beginner in forex trading can also do this forex method. Koala forex strategy based on trend follower system, using several indicators of Moving Average. This method will prevent traders to enter the market against the market trend and increased their success in forex trading.

Now let us see how to do the settings in 
your metatrader. And rules should you do for this forex strategy that can bring you to success in forex trading.

1. Deploy 3 Moving Averages indicator on the chart.Parameters are

  • Smoothed

  • Applied to Median Price ( High + Low / 2 )

  • Period of 3 ( Red ) , 6 ( Green ) , 9 ( Blue )

3 Moving Averages give us our primary indicators.

2.  Next deploy 2 moving averages on the chart.Parameters are)

First Moving Average:

  • Exponential

  • Applied to Closing Price

  • Period of 200 ( Black )

Second Moving Average

  • Smoothed

  • Applied to Median Price ( High + Low / 2 )

  • Period of 50 ( Brown )

This two moving averages will serve as our secondary indicators.

Koala Forex Trading Rules

While you can use any value for your stop loss and take profit, in view of proper risk and reward ratio and money management, recommended sets are

  • 30 SL 30 TP ( Normal )

  • 50 SL 50 TP ( Challenging )

  • 30 SL 50 TP ( Very challenging )

The more challenging the values are, the more precise your entries should be.

Buy or sell opportunity will surface when 

  • Primary indicators becomes parallel towards the direction of the trade

  • Brown secondary indicator is in the same direction and is not turning in towards the primary indicators. This functions as an immediate support or resistance warning too as the price often react to the moving average

  • Black secondary indicator is not near the price action and hence not a potential strong support or resistance


Exceptional conditions

As the system relies heavily on trends, there are certain market conditions that will affect the performance of the system greatly




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    Yogesh Patankar (Friday, 07 June 2019 11:02)

    Very good system, I personally using this and got good profit, It helps to manage trades in better ways and avoids unnecessary panic entry trades.