49# On Trend Forex Trading System

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Time frame: 4HDaily.


10 EMA.
ADX (28)With +DI AND -DI.

MACD (5,10,4)

Long Entry Position :

+DI Must be above -DI .
When 4 EMA Crosses10 EMA from downside to upside and MACD >0

Short Entry Positin:

-DI Must be above +DI .
When 34EMA Crosses10 EMA from upside to downside and MACD <0

Take Profit:4H time frame 60 pips EUR/USD, 70 pips GBP/USD , USD/CHF 40 pips for Daily time frame200pips EUR/USD , 250 pips GBP/USD, USD/CHF 150 pips (recommended).

Trading System:templete on trend
templete on trend.rar
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    OCHIDI PRINCE (Wednesday, 13 November 2019 11:45)

    in order to make this a holy grail this is what you should do. to filter out noise signals, if the adx is below the 20 line do not trade it means there isnt enough volume to carry out the trade. above the 20 line suggests sufficient volume and by that you should be good to go.

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    fabrizio (Friday, 07 August 2015 13:35)

    Graet strategy for forex or better binary option
    signal wait:
    cross up EMA
    +DI cross ADX
    MACD goes above 0
    cross down EMA
    -DI cross ADX
    MACD goes below 0
    These conditions have to be in the same time!!!!
    I used this strategy in BO together with another indi "PZ support and resistance" and I have 90% of winnings