79# Disparity System (Correlation Strategy)

Disparity Edge

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This is a strategy that is virtually so profitable, and

repetitive that you may only want to trade this way for

very limited risk and high profit potential!


In technical terms, it is called a Disparity Hedge, whereas once a certain setup is visible, you buy one currency and sell another simultaneously. But, It is not a Hedge.


It is not to be confused with a true Hedge, which at present, is not allowed under NFA Brokers. A True Hedge, is a simultaneous Buy and Sell position in the SAME currency. This method is totally different, as it deals with different currency pairs. Not subject to the new rules.


Once your trade is in play, you wait until the setup

arrives at its maximum profit potential and exit the trade.


It is based on the 1Hr chart and you can get trades on a

regular basis depending on market conditions.

However, you do not risk anything until the trade sets

up, and then all you do is wait for the profits to mount.


Disparity Trade # 1


The EUR/USD – GBP/USD trade


The Theory: GBP/USD pays a positive rollover when

you are long. EUR/USD pays a positive rollover (but

less than the GBP/USD) when you are short.


Trade Basics: Always use 1 Hr Time Frame




Trade Setup: Compare chart overlay of the 2

currency pairs, and when there is a

specific disparity between them,

the trade is ready for entry.


Example: lf you have overlay capability in

your platform, you are in good

shape. You will look at both

currency pairs in the 1 Hr time

frame, with each pair viewed in a

different color.


When the GBP/USD is below the

EUR/USD by any reasonable

degree, the trade is ready for entry.

TO See manual..



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    ruxi (Friday, 04 October 2019 17:42)

    It works! Tested couple of month with demo & real account. Always, it makes profit. This system also work with AUDUSD, NZDUSD & GBPJPY, CHFJPY. Thank you very much to share this system.

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